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Life Can Change.

Treat small, low exudating wounds with Disposable NPWT with the SNAP™ Therapy System

Silent, Discrete, Portable

Innovative, portable design creates negative pressure wound therapy without the need of electrical power.

Helps Preserve Patient Quality of Life1
Minimal interference with overall activity, sleep and social interactions

Easy To Use For the Clinician1
Applications times under 10 minutes1

Clinically Proven
2 Randomised Controlled Trials demonstrated the efficacy of the SNAP™ Therapy System in the management of chronic wounds1,2

SNAP™ Therapy System

Application Videos

SNAP™ Therapy System Application on Diabetic Foot Ulcer
SNAP™ Therapy System Application on DFU 7 Foot wound

SNAP™ Therapy System in 10 Minutes:Take Off the Shelf. Apply. Go.


SNAP™ System Process

The SNAP™ System delivers clinically proven -125mmHg continuous negative pressure while also being wearable. This discreet and silent wearable negative pressure wound therapy complements patient activities of daily living and helps support patient quality of life1

How do I know when to use the SNAP™ Therapy System?

Click here to view the Clinical Pathway for SNAP™ Therapy System


SNAP™ Therapy System Mechanisms of Action1,2,3

Similar to electrically-powered NPWT systems, mechanically-powered SNAP™ System draws wound edges together and removes infectious material and exudate from the wound.

SNAP™ System Overview

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