Quantcast Acelity - Study Shows Positive Clinical and Potential Economic Outcomes with V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Therapy vs Standard V.A.C.® Therapy

Study Shows Positive Clinical and Potential Economic Outcomes with V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Therapy vs Standard V.A.C.® Therapy

Statistically Significant Reduction in Operating Room Debridements, Length of Therapy

November 05, 2014
Acelity is pleased to announce the publication of a peer-reviewed study that suggests V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Therapy (NPWTi-d) may be more cost effective than standard V.A.C.® Therapy (NPWT).

This retrospective study compared outcomes of patients whose extremity and trunk wounds were treated with either V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Therapy (with polyhexanide or saline instillation) or standard V.A.C.® Therapy. It also included a hypothetical model to evaluate the cost effectiveness of the two treatments.

The study showed a statistically significant reduction in mean operating room (OR) debridements (2.0 vs 4.4; p<0.0001), mean length of therapy (4.1 vs 20.9 days; p<0.0001), mean length of stay in hospital (8.1 vs 27.4 days; p<0.0001) and faster mean time to wound closure (4.1 vs 20.9 days; p<0.0001) with V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Therapy as compared to standard V.A.C.® Therapy. Based on a hypothetical cost-effectiveness model, cost savings were demonstrated with the patients receiving V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Therapy due to fewer OR visits for surgical debridements and reduced length of therapy as compared to those receiving standard V.A.C.® Therapy.

“At our facility, the use of V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Therapy has influenced a shift in protocol that gradually took place between 2010, when we were using standard V.A.C.® Therapy, and 2011-2012, when we started using V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Therapy,” said Allen Gabriel, MD, lead study author, Chief of Plastic Surgery, PeaceHealth Medical Group Plastic Surgery, Vancouver, WA, and a consultant for KCI, an Acelity company. “In addition to debridement and systemic antibiotics, regular wound cleansing with V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Therapy allowed us to rely more on sound clinical judgment in determining timing of wound closure, and we can close wounds earlier, following the absence of additional purulence or necrotic tissue.”

V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Therapy combines the benefits of V.A.C.® Therapy with an instillation option featuring automated volumetric delivery of topical wound treatment solutions with an adjustable soak time which allows solution to dwell in the wound for thorough contact. V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Therapy is the only therapy that uses specially designed dressing kits that contain V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Dressings, with higher tensile strength and less hydrophobicity than V.A.C.® GranuFoam Dressings, and V.A.C.® Advanced Drape with improved adhesive qualities.

“At Acelity, we are constantly looking for ways to advance the science of medicine and improve patient lives,” said Ron Silverman, MD, FACS, Chief Medical Officer, Acelity. “This study shows our continuous efforts to improve our negative pressure technologies are having a real impact for our physicians and their patients.”

The full study, “Use of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with Automated, Volumetric Instillation for the Treatment of Extremity and Trunk Wounds: Clinical Outcomes and Potential Cost Effectiveness,” is available at eplasty.com. To learn more about V.A.C. VeraFlo™ Therapy, visit VACULTA.com.

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