Quantcast Acelity - Instructions for Use (IFU)

Instructions for Use (IFU)


This site provides healthcare professionals with product labeling (user manuals and instructions for use) for ACELITY™ product lines available in the US.  This information can be viewed online, downloaded or printed.

If you are unable to find product labeling information, you can request information in the following manner:
If you cannot view the files on this site, download the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader
IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  Labeling featured on this site may represent the latest released version and may not match the labeling currently accompanying product. 

NOTE:  This site is intended for healthcare professionals.  Patients should consult their healthcare professional regarding their specific medical conditions, treatments or questions related to the information provided on this site, including the risks and benefits of ACELITY™ products and services that may be discussed on this site.

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