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Acelity Idea Submission
Acelity is honored that you would like to share your new idea with us. Product ideas can lead to improved patient care and quality of life, when the innovation is in the hands of the clinician.
Non-Confidential Information
In order for our evaluation team to be able to properly review your idea, it is imperative that you only share non-confidential information at this time. Upon review, we will determine if your idea is a strategic fit for our company’s direction, and represents a concept that has not already been considered by Acelity. In the event Acelity desires to further pursue your idea, KCI will contact you to obtain further information.
Your Rights
You may have proprietary rights in your new idea, and you should consider protecting it through patents, copyrights, or otherwise. You should consult your own lawyer, and take whatever steps are necessary to protect your idea BEFORE you submit your idea to Acelity.
It is Acelity's policy that we not enter into a confidentiality arrangement with you as we have an active R&D program that is most likely creating ideas in the same area of invention as you.
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